Can’t Keep Falling

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Can’t Keep Falling

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“if you want to reach people’s hearts, you must listen to your own heart first.”

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A singer, songwriter and star whose life story and achievements are colorful and inspiring.

Fluent in five languages, the American-Palestinian artist made history by being the first Arab to win Israel’s biggest TV show, The Voice. Within three days of her first appearance on The Voice, in 2013, she had half a million views on YouTube, a gigantic number for this small country. She swept to victory and her huge talent was recognized by manager Irit TenHengel who signed her to Yodan Productions.

Lina has captivated audiences with her energy, powerful voice and live performances which has led her to being selected as the opening act for the Legendary band Queen + Adam Lambert last September 2016 for an audience of 51,000 people.

Lina’s album “Walking on a tightrope” produced by Grammy Award winner Jerry Wonda and the new kid on the block, Tal Forer. The album features songs Lina received from some of the world’s most successful  songwriters and includes the song ‘Tightrope’ that she co-wrote with the prolific Karen Poole and the revered writer-producer , and Grammy Award winner Eliot Kennedy.

Her first single “This ain’t about you” was released last April and reached top 10 on both Music-Week’s club and pop charts. The second single the infectious ‘Dance Sucker’ raced into #4 on Music Week’s Official Club and Pop Charts.


Dance Sucker is a vibrant reflection of her multi-cultural roots.

Lina proves, that when you have such  charisma, determination and talent, music is a worldwide language that can break down seemingly impossible barriers between people and cultures. “I want to bring my whole self to my music” says Lina with her trademark passion. “When it comes to music, I think you can hear the ethnic roots that are in every single song I do.”

With such a positive drive, Lina’s future is promising.  “I learned over the years that if you want to get people’s hearts, you must get to your own heart first. If you sing with all of your heart, people will believe you, because you’re giving them the truth.”

What inspires me? WOW, so many things.. Where do I begin..

My first inspiration is my parents. They are truly the best role models I could’ve wished for. My foundation and my center.
My dad is a dreamer, and my mom is a practical doer. Both of them taught me how to dream big, work hard, listen to my heart, aspire to perfection, and fight to achieve my goals.

Second big inspiration in life is music. It’s what I live and breathe for. Singing, writing, performing and making music keep me alive and kicking!!!

I think that people that dare to dream, work hard, and carry a message are my biggest inspiration. Beyoncè, inspires me to work the hardest. Alicia Keys inspires me to remain loyal to my inner self. Ed Sheeran reminds me that singing your heart out is enough. Amy Winehouse inspires me to care about the music itself more than all the craziness coming along with it. Freddie Mercury inspires me to be open, to accept and embrace the other.

When I was 4 years-old I watched an Argentinian Telenovela called Chiquititas. It was about orphans that went through hard times but still were taught to believe in themselves and dream. One of the shows mottos was “if you want something badly enough – you will get it.” This is definitely my motto!

Minorities inspire me. Children inspire me, difficulties, sadness and lack of luck aspire me to be strong and hopeful.”

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